Chef Nettie Frank’s story does not start at her debut in Food Network’s Cake Wars, nor does it end there. Nettie’s passion for the culinary arts sprouted as a young girl cooking alongside her parents in the kitchen, where her family always gathered. From there, she pursued professional training from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, in 2002. Since then she has moved back home to Salt Lake City, Utah to work at the state’s top restaurants and hotels.

In 2003, Nettie worked alongside Utah’s Best Chef, Dave Jones, at the Log Haven restaurant. She worked the line and perfected the art of fine dining to become their pastry chef. With her help, award winning Log Haven’s prestige grew by earning The Golden Spoon award.

Continuing from there, Nettie worked in the Baking and Pastry Department at the Grand America Hotel in the heart of Salt Lake City. She learned mass production, which included making desserts for up to 4,000 guests. Nettie continued her drive of the restaurant business and worked the service side at the Grand to broaden her experience in the restaurant industry.

Soon after, she became the Executive Sous Chef at the Snowbasin Ski Resort.

In 2006, Nettie started Silver Whisk Catering. Her business catered to diverse events: weddings, including wedding cakes; corporate events; cooking classes; private chef work; and more. Her business adventure continued to grow in 2008 when she ventured out with her dad and started Beyond Glaze Doughnuts, a successful gourmet doughnut shop with a “No Sprinkles Allowed,” motto. Her doughnuts, with their fresh ingredients and toppings, won the title, “Best in Utah Doughnuts.” She also earned a feature in Cakes Central Magazine for her innovative gourmet doughnut wedding cake consisting of multiple layers of fresh, personalized doughnuts.

In 2015, Nettie caught the nation’s attention with her performance in Food Network’s first season of the TV series, Cake Wars. She battled her way around the kitchen earning the respect of top chefs and the nation’s viewers, but her TV presence did not end there. Nettie continues to make appearances on local TV.

The Passionate ChefBased in New York

At the heart of her passion for culinary arts is the love of teaching others to cook. She is currently working on a cookbook and teaches cooking classes for those who want to be a part of this increasingly lost art. Her hope is to instill this passion in people of all ages to get back into the kitchen.

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